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Orlando Business Brokers & Businesses for Sale Database

If you are a potential buyer or seller that has had contact with an Orlando Boss Group International business broker, you should be receiving a weekly email from us that has links to a list of Orlando businesses for sale.

This email and the links are sent to nearly 3,500 people weekly.  The people that receive this email have expressed to us that they are interested in buying or selling an Orlando business or small business owners that may find it helpful to know the market conditions.

In this email we want to try to provide insightful information about buying or selling businesses, highlight businesses that we list in-house to get the businesses in front of our buyers.

The email also includes a link to our website of businesses that were just listed or had price reductions in the last seven days and a link to all businesses for sale in Orlando.  From our website you can also search the entire state of Florida for businesses for sale.

These links come from the same database.  What is this database though?  Is it just listings that Boss Group International have listed?

Actually, the database is derived from a professional organization called “Business Brokers of Florida” or referred to as “BBF”.  Most Florida business brokers belong to this organization.  The “BBF” is to professional Florida business brokers like the “Realtor Association” is to residential real estate agents.

The businesses listed for sale in these links/database are not just businesses that Boss Group International has listed for sale, but all the businesses for sale in Florida that are listed by BBF business brokers, no matter what business brokerage company they work for.

There are many websites, more than I would like to count, that advertise businesses for sale.  However, in my professional experience as a business broker here in Florida for over 10 years the Business Brokers of Florida database is much superior to all the other databases if you are looking to purchase a business here in Florida.

There are a handful of websites that may have more business listings than the Business Brokers of Florida database.  But more important than the number businesses for sale, is how well the database is maintained.  It is much better to search a database that is kept more up-to-date then to use a database that has expired listings or has listings with information that is no longer valid.

The Business Brokers of Florida database is used exclusively by BBF Florida Business Brokers.  This is the main database that professional Florida business brokers use to locate businesses for sale for their business buyers.  The reason why professionals use this database as their main source to find businesses for sale is because it is the best database.

If you are looking to buy a business for sale, would you rather use the database that professional business brokers or would you rather use a consumer business d for sale website?

The Business Brokers of Florida’s by-laws require their members to remove expired listings and mark ones that are under contract.   Florida business brokers are pretty good at keeping their businesses for sale in the BBF database current.  What is really a great feature is that when the business is marked as “sold” or the listing expires, the business for sale will automatically be removed from the BBF database.

Other databases are not as well maintained by both Sellers and unfortunately by some business brokers.  By using the consumer websites you end up searching through and trying to find out information on businesses for sale that are already for sale, no longer are for sale or have not been updated with new information.

If you are serious about buying a business, I highly suggest as an experienced Florida business broker that you utilize the database that professional Florida business brokers use to search.  We have options to link other databases on our website, but we want you to have access to the best.

Begin searching like a professional business broker for Florida businesses for sale or view the businesses for sale that came up for sale/were updated in the past seven days.

Jim Parker

James Parker
President/Business Broker
Lic. Real Estate Broker

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur or Aspiring Business Owner:

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You may want to see what businesses are currently for sale in Florida. We have provided you a direct link to the database of businesses for sale that professional Florida business brokers use to search for their buyers. Please take a look at this incredible database.


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